Austin-San Antonio corridor population will explode by 2030

Could the Austin-San Antonio corridor one day become a megaregion like Dallas-Fort Worth? That's the rough takeaway of a LawnStarter analysis of Texas Water Development Board projections for growth in the two cities – and the lands in-between – by 2030.

According to the graphic produced by the landscaping services booking website, the combined population of the 13 counties in the Austin-San Antonio corridor will grow by 34 percent by 2030, rising from a 2014 population of 4.2 million to 5.7 million, based on U.S. Census estimates.

The fastest-growing counties, by percent growth, are projected to be Williamson County, which could grow by 62 percent to 794,478 residents, and Hays County, which could grow by 69 percent to 313,792 residents.

Within city limits, Austin is projected to grow by 26.4 percent, its population rising to 1.15 million from 912,791 in 2014. San Antonio, meanwhile is projected to grow by 22 percent by 2030, growing from 1.4 million residents to 1.7 million residents.

ABJ recently reported on the region's growth through 2014, showing that a county just south of Austin was the nation's third fastest-growing county.