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Castle Hill Investments is Central Texas’ premiere investment brokerage. Our agents understand investment property with a clarity “regular” real estate agents lack. Isn’t your house (or duplex) purchase the biggest investment in your life? We help buyers understand which areas and property types represent the best long term investments, while listening to the needs of their families to ensure it’s just an investment after all… it’s a home.

With our unique focus on the residential investment niche (single family, duplex, and fourplex investment properties), we provide an unparalleled perspective on long term property ownership for wealth building, portfolio diversification, and cash flow. Broker/Owner Robert Grunnah owns over 150 rental units, and has bought and sold over 300 houses and duplexes. A frequent guest of investment clubs, and off-cited in local news stories regarding successful investment strategies, Robert and his team of professional investment advisors educate new and experienced investors in building wealth through Central Texas real estate.

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Castle Hill Investments is also Austin's largest single family house and duplex buyer. We pay cash and can close within days. Click here for more information.

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