Castle Hill Investments is a private equity real estate management firm based in Austin, TX.

Castle Hill Investments was formed in 2004 as an Austin-based real estate investment firm that offers investors opportunities to participate on value add improvements to single family, duplex, and fourplex assets ("1 to 4") in Central Texas, DFW, and San Antonio.

Since 2004, we've purchased, renovated, managed, and re-sold over 1,100 units, in an asset class that traditionally is overlooked and under-appreciated by real estate investors, and dominated by Mom and Pop operators. Our unique experience and ability to acquire off market and distressed assets has made us one of the largest small unit residential "fix and flip", as well as long term hold investors in Texas.

In 2018 we began accepting investor funds to create portfolios of well-located properties in strong growth areas of Austin, DFW, and San Antonio. We will begin to build management infrastructure and economies of scale to efficiently operate these portfolios regardless of market conditions. When the expected correction occurs, and as institutional investors wish to shed some of their inventory, we will be uniquely prepared to acquire assets en masse and rapidly scale portfolio size.